Preparing To Travel With The Dolphins

Dolphins are considered to be as smart if not smarter in some ways than humans.  These amazing creatures have been on Earth far longer than man and continue to grow and evolve before our eyes.  This is why taking a dolphin cruise sanibel fl is a great way to learn about dolphins, see live dolphins and even have a great time in the process.  Before you go however, lets learn a little more about dolphins so you can impress your guide.

How many types of dolphins are there?

There are over forty different species of dolphins on the planet.  The majority of dolphins like to swim in warm water.  This is why you will see them near Florida or other tropical climates.  A fun fact is that not all dolphins swim in the ocean.  There are five species of dolphins that actually swim in rivers.

Dolphins eat meat

Many may believe that dolphins will eat plant life but in fact they eat meat.  Their primary diet consists of Fish, squid and crustaceans.  Depending on the size of the dolphin they can eat around thirty three pounds of fish a day.

Dolphins are playful

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One of the reason people love dolphins so much is their very playful.  If you are lucky enough to see a dolphin close up try to get its attention.  If you are lucky you might be able to have it do a trick or talk to you.  Either way have fun with them and they will have fun with you.

Dolphins are social creatures

Another great thing about dolphins is that they are social creatures.  They like to swim in large groups of other dolphins.  This is great as well because if you happen to see one dolphin you are likely to see multiple dolphins.