Planning Your Trip to Maine

Traveling to main can be a great experience.  The great outdoors has a lot to offer from hiking, mountain climbing, swimming in a lake or just swinging on a rope swing.  When traveling to Saco Maine for a vacation those who have never been there before may have questions as to what to do.  So, here are some local attractions saco me has to offer.

Amusement and water parks

For the kids and the young at heart Saco has several amusement parks as well as water parks.  These parks will allow you to enjoy he day riding rides, stuffing your face with junk food and even getting wet on those hot summer days.  When looking for this fun search out Funtown Splashtown USA

local attractions saco me

Educational activities

When on vacation don’t let your mind rot.  Keep it motivated and stimulated by learning something new and educational.  Taking you and the kids to Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge will allow you to do just that.  Here you can learn about animals, get hands on experience and much more.

See Nature

When traveling to Maine you will have the opportunity to see nature at its finest.  One of the best places to see unspoiled wonders is at the Ferry Beach State Park.  State parks are great places to travel to because they are unspoiled and protected.  Unlike other places that may be subject to restrictions or poor maintenance a state park will allow you to experience things in all their unspoiled wonder.

Play Golf

When everyone is done with their fun dad can go and get in a few holes of golf.  Dunegrass Golf Club is a great place to go and hit some balls around.  When playing golf the kids can hang out in the club house enjoying some time to reflect on their great vacation.

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