Tips For Engaging Your Children In The Art Of Sailing

Hitting the open water is delight for all.  When on a boat there is just a sense of power and mystery that seems to come from the sea.  Taking your children out on the sea is also a great experience.  They will have a fun time and a learning experience they can’t get in a classroom.  For a great williamsburg sailing experience you should take your children out early to get used to the water.  Then when on the water use these tips and tricks to encourage their education.

Encourage questions

When out on the water encourage your children to ask questions.  They can ask about the boat, the water, sea life they see and even history, mathematics and more.  Children should be encouraged to explore and even let them have a hand at steering the ship, with supervision of curse.

Stay hydrated and avoid sea sickness

When on the ship the last thing you want your kids to have is sea sickness.  This will defiantly turn them off from hitting the open waters again.  When it comes to sea sickness pills it is a good idea to take them the night before the trip, this way it has time to work on your body.  Also, make sure that they stay hydrated.  When you are on the water it can get hot. 

Have fun but be safe

When on the water you can teach your children about safety.  Many will think that being on a boat is like being on land.  It is totally different.  Make sure they don’t run, throw tings or try to reach over the side.  Use common sense when on the boat and everyone will have a great time.

Create a Spot Me book

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A spot me book is a book that you can make that will have the pictures and descriptions of animals, items and places that you are likely to find on your trip.  Give this to your kids and see who can spot the most items.

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